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What is Svennex?

Svennex is a free Docker Build as a Service. You supply a Dockerfile and Svennex will build and push the Docker Image to a Public Repository. You can Sign Up here for access.

How do I specify the Dockerfile?

Svennex provides a simple API where you can send your Dockerfile in base64 encoded format. Here is an example curl request.

# In the directory where your Dockerfile resides
curl --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <your-access-token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
  "dockerfile": "'"$(base64 -i Dockerfile)"'",
  "tag": "latest"

# Response
# This image will be available a few seconds later

Run the above command in any directory that contains a Dockerfile and the response contains the public Docker Image URI.

How do I use Svennex?

Follow these steps.

  • Sign Up with your Email ID
  • Verify your Email ID
  • Get your Access Token from
  • Call the API with the Access Token. See above for details on using the Access Token.

Are there any limitations?

Yes. Following limitations apply.

  • Maximum allowed Image size is 500 MB
  • Your access token is rate limited to 100 requests per day.
  • Maximum build time of 3 minutes. Build jobs taking longer than 3 minutes will fail.

What happens if a build fails?

Build is retried 3 times after which the request is discarded.

Can these limits be raised?

Yes. Contact if you would like to raise these limits.

Can I monitor the Build Job?

Yes. You can access the build logs from the application in the Build Jobs section.

Any other Questions?